Monday, 15 July 2013

Baby Bliss Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Baby Bliss systems are the main manufacturer of the Baby Bliss hair straightener and are renowned for their hair based products. They produce different types of hair ironing equipments but the two best products which are sold in the market are Baby Bliss turbo flat iron and the Baby Bliss ceramic flat iron. Most of the traditional hair straightener will damage your hair and that is not the case in this type of hair straightener.

The specialty in Baby Bliss hair straightener is that it uses a moisture hot air instead of dry hot air which is used in the traditional type of hair straightener.Dry hot air will dry out your hair and produces more damage to the hairs and that is the reason for the increase in buyers for Baby Bliss flat iron hair straightener. It has a versatile heat and at is the reason for making different hair styles easily.

This iron hair straightener is light weight equipment which is made up of a special plug which is shock proof. The traditional hair straightener uses some hard chemicals and that would spoil the hair color and the resistance of the root. By using this equipment the color of your hair does not get spoiled and the natural hair color is maintained. It also has a capacity of getting heated up quickly and the velvet surface present in the hair ironing area will provide resistance from your hair being burnt out.

The ceramic present in the hair straightener is giving my hair a nice time to roam about in the hair and hence I have a baby prone hair which is not due for breakage. Not all ceramic hair dryers and hair straightener will work as this product because the product which I was using earlier had the ceramic layer peeled out after the usage of just three months. So it will be wise to choose Farouk ceramic flat iron hair straightener to avoid damages. The usage of this product has almost helped me in my regular life because many get attracted while getting sleek hair style. Hence this product is one which must be used by everyone if an individual is interested in hair designing without hair loss or any other side effects.

The main advantage of this product is that you can change the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius or vice versa leading in a perfect controlled heat. There are extra wide plates in the equipment which helps us in making the hair more comfortable to move from the plate. You can straighten or curl the hair according to your wish and make yourself happy by the new amazing hair style and make others pleasing. The ceramic plates present in the equipment will reduce the fizz in your hair and that is because of the negative ions produced by flat iron hair straightener. Those negative ions are purely responsible for stopping the hair fall and maintain the color of the hair in the original way. Hence this is one of the product which we are lucky to get it in our generation since it uses are plenty.

How do I Clean the Ceramic Paddles on Baby Bliss Flat Iron?

A Baby Bliss flat iron is a particular brand of straightening iron. It is heated up, and used to straighten hair. A Baby Bliss flat iron has two ceramic paddles that make up the iron. Over time, residue can build up on the paddles from product or natural hair oil. To keep the Baby Bliss straightener working to its full potential, it’s important to clean the ceramic paddles from time to time.
1.Make sure the Baby Bliss flat iron is unplugged and turned off. It should be completely cool to the touch.
2.Pour rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball.
3.Rub the cotton ball over both ceramic paddles, which are usually gold. Continue to do this until all the residue comes off.
4.Dampen a small part of a cloth with water.
5.Rub the damp part of the cloth over the paddles to rinse off the alcohol.
6.Dry the paddles by running the dry portion of the cloth over them.

Baby Bliss straightener is a line of high-quality hair care products and accessories that carries a wide variety of items, including flat irons. The company sells a versatile flat iron, made of ceramic, and equipped with attachments that allow you to flatten wet hair into dry, straight hair in a short period of time. The Baby Bliss flat iron is fairly easy to clean, and incorporating a regular cleaning routine into your schedule will allow you to get the longest possible use out of the flat iron.

1.    Daily Cleaning
o    If you use the flat iron daily, it can build up scum and residue very quickly. The easiest way to eliminate this problem is to clean the flat iron after every use. This takes only a few seconds and goes along way in prolonging the life and appearance of the flat iron. After straightening your hair each day, unplug the flat iron, and wipe clean with a damp bath towel. This will remove the majority of buildup before it has a chance to dry into the prongs of the flat iron.

2.  Weekly Cleaning
o    Each week, incorporate a more thorough cleaning routine if a simple daily cleaning is not enough. Using a wash cloth, run warm water over the entire cloth, then wring out excess water. Turn the flat iron on for a few minutes, just enough to warm it up, then unplug the flat iron (the buildup will loosen more easily when warm). Pour a drop of hair shampoo onto the wash cloth, then scrub the ceramic prongs of the flat iron. This may require repetition and elbow grease to remove all of the buildup, but this is a crucial part of maintaining the styling tool that will get you prolonged use.